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Princess Domme Leather LA Dominatrix Performer


Princess Domme



Sweet sadist.
Girl of your nightmares.
Princess of your paycheck.

PRIN·CESS (noun):
1. A woman having sovereign power;
2. A woman of high rank or of high standing in her class or profession;
3. A Dominant, Superior woman with an air of royalty who requires Her submissives to devote themselves to enhance her already lavish lifestyle in order to earn the gifts of Her favor and attention.

Princess Raven is a queer, Los Angeles-based Dominatrix who loves sharing her extensive expertise with those who prove themselves worthy of a place at her feet.    

She was trained under respected professionals and developed her unique Sweet Sadistic style over her 8 years of experience. As strict as she is nurturing, she walks the line in designer heels between cruel matriarch and nurturing divine feminine.

For those privileged enough to be claimed as her subjects, she delights in working her way into your heart, mind, and wallet until every morsel of you and all that you earn belongs to her. Rest assured, she will bring you to the edge and back again with a wicked smile, leaving you breathless and begging for more.

Whether you are new or an experienced kink
connoisseur, Princess Raven will look deep into your potential and select the perfect set of tools needed to craft you into her ideal form.

Continually broadening and deepening her kink competencies, Princess Raven can often be seen attending classes, conventions, and putting her wide range of skills to use at events.     

Her passion for performance and community have led her to perform at numerous venues & events, as well as create her own. As co-creator of The Observation Room, she brought to life an experimental fusion of open-world immersive theater and extreme kink, and has much more in store for the future.    

While she is based in Los Angeles, she does travel extensively, specifically around conventions and kink events, and can be flown to worthy submissives for the appropriate tribute.

Ready to bow down and pay up to Princess Raven? 
Latex Luxury Domme

Be better
under your

princess's rule

"Never met a Princess who I wanted to suffer for more. Sweet, sadistic, addicting." - JK

"Raven is so sweet & caring, you'll never feel safer with anyone... until her sadistic side takes over..." - FB 

"Raven, along with her partner Wiley, put on the most amazing performances I have seen in 10+ years of attending kink events. The chemistry that the two of them share on stage is absolutely palpable from the audience. You can see the depths of trust, love, and communication that exist between them. Watching them play is always an absolute pleasure." - BW 

"PrincessDomme is an absolute magnificent spirit and commands the room when she lights up the stage in performance. A cavorting, sensual and powerful being, she captivates with every move and expression… bringing an entire room to a standstill as she owns every inch of her body and energy. When she connects with another, she drips with presence, control and elegant ferocity. She’s a wonder to behold." - KH 

"I've had multiple sessions with Princess Raven and every time I leave more than satisfied. When I first met Princess Raven I was amazed at how beautiful she looked. I requested that she wore a leather corset and fishnets and she definitely followed through and looked amazing in the leather corset. We first talked about limits and interests. She made sure I felt safe and everything was consensual throughout the session. I had asked for an impact play session as well as ballbusting, she did an amazing job at both she definitely knows how to dish out a good caning! She teased me, denied me, and drove me absolutely insane and I loved every minute of it. At the end of the session she cuddled me and gave me some aftercare to make sure I left nice and happy. Within the next couple months she had me crawling back for more! I would definitely recommend Princess Raven for anyone seeking to make their wildest bdsm fantasies come to life." - CQ 

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